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2010 Point in Time Count

The Homeless Leadership Coalition has released the data collected from the annual homeless count, conducted Thursday, January 28, 2010. On this day, 2,402 individuals self-identified as homeless persons within the tri-county region, seven percent more than in 2009. Two out of three self-identified homeless persons came from families with children. Unemployment increased five percent as a cause of homelessness amongst these households.

The homeless count provides a snapshot of Central Oregon’s homeless population in a 24-hour time frame. While it is not a comprehensive count, it provides valuable information to those serving the homeless, helps to educate the public about the issues of homelessness in our region and helps direct public policy planning and development. Oregon Revised Statute 458.528 designates Oregon’s Housing and Community Services (OHCS) as an administering agency for homelessness policies. OHCS provides the Homeless Leadership Coalition with the count instructions and surveys.

Households surveyed identified inability to afford rent, unemployment, and being kicked out as causes of homelessness. Nearly half of the surveyed households identified unemployment as a cause of homelessness, a 25 percent increase from 2007. Although the majority of the homeless households identified that they could not afford rent, this decreased by three percent from last year’s count.

A significant number of homeless persons were children and a significant number were disabled. Two out of five Central Oregon homeless individuals were minor children, a slight increase from last year. Consistent with last year’s count, 20 percent of homeless persons self-identified that they were disabled. A majority of disabled homeless persons self-identified that they suffered from a psychiatric disability.

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