Coordinated Entry System

Central Oregon’s Coordinated Entry System (CES) ensures that people experiencing homelessness can get help finding stable housing.  CES uses a standardized assessment tool that matches the right level of services and housing resources to people experiencing homelessness.

Are you currently experiencing homelessness?

  • Sleeping Outdoors
  • Staying in a homeless shelter
  • Staying in your car or in a camper without running water and electricity
  • Leaving an institution (where you were for less than 90 days and you were homeless before)***Institution means a jail, prison, a psychiatric hospital, medical hospital, or a drug/alcohol treatment program.
  • Fleeing domestic violence, sexual assault, or human trafficking**Domestic violence means the person or family is afraid to return to their home or is experiencing dangerous or life-threatening conditions at home, usually due to abuse, stalking, dating violence, sexual assault or other physical assault. Persons who have experienced human trafficking or sexual exploitation.

You may qualify for housing assistance and support through Central Oregon’s Coordinated Entry System

Call 541-630-2533 on Tuesdays or Thursdays 12pm-4pm

to complete a housing assessment

*Central Oregon includes Deschutes, Jefferson, and Crook counties, and the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs.

For more information, contact Elizabeth Wilson, Cascade Youth & Family Center,

Central Oregon Coordinated Entry

The housing assessment tool (VI-SPDAT)  asks a series of questions about you, your health, how you are experiencing homelessness, and what other needs you might have. This tool allows communities to assess clients’ various needs quickly and then match them to the most appropriate housing interventions available, based on an individual’s vulnerability score.

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