Good Neighbor Tools

Housed or not, we are all neighbors


Good Neighbor Agreement 
As Central Oregon responds to the needs of our unhoused neighbors, new facilities will be established to provide a variety of services and shelter. It is common for neighbors to have concerns when any new business, service or other development enters a neighborhood.  The Homeless Leadership Coalition suggests neighborhoods leverage a Good Neighbor Agreement to have the most positive and transparent conversation regarding neighborhood concerns. A well-executed Good Neighbor Agreement establishes a vision and sets goals for how neighbors including area residents, businesses, and service providers will work together to support mutual success, communicate, and address concerns.

A Good Neighbor Agreement is a tool to

  • Initiate and maintain open – transparent – proactive communications
  • Develop clear expectations and procedures for resolving problems
  • Enhance neighborhood safety and livability while promoting access to services
  • Foster positive relationships between the facility and neighbors

A Good Neighbor Agreement template is provided as a launching point for such neighborhood discussions.


Are you a business owner seeing the impact of homelessness in our community?

HLC members have created a brochure for you to review and share with your staff. This brochure includes a list of local resources and tips for responding to our unhoused neighbors with compassion. We know that some interactions don’t always go the way we want them too and that a police response is often not the best choice for a social issue like homelessness. We hope these tips can help you and your staff interact with the individuals  that frequent your neighborhood with respect for their unique circumstances. The HLC also has access to some trainings that may also support you and your staff; feel free to email to inquire.

Bend Business Brochure                                                      Bend Business Brochure for printing

Redmond Brochure PDF in development                         Redmond Brochure for Printing in development

Crook County Brochure PDF in development                  Crook County Brochure for printing in development

Jefferson County Brochure PDF in development             Jefferson County Brochure for printing in development