End Homelessness

Homelessness in Central Oregon

On just one cold January night in Central Oregon, more than 1450 people were living without a safe, stable, place to call home.

Of those people experiencing homelessness that night, 550 were living unsheltered, that is, sleeping outside, in a car, or in another place not meant for human habitation.

Of those people who were living unsheltered, nearly 200 were children or youth.

In Central Oregon, we envision a region where, “No one should experience homelessness – no one should be without a safe, stable place to call home.”

That is why the Homeless Leadership Coalition is committed to preventing and ending homelessness.

What Does Ending Homelessness Mean?

Housing ends Homelessness.  

Homelessness can only be prevented and ended when we have sufficient, safe, decent, affordable housing options available to all people, and the supports, if needed, to maintain that housing.  “Ending Homelessness” does not mean that no one will ever experience a housing crisis, however.  It does mean that if they do, they can quickly move back into housing and have the supports they need to maintain it.

A Comprehensive Response

In alignment with the Federal Plan, Opening Doors, we affirm that an end to homelessness means that our communities will have a comprehensive response in place that ensures homelessness is prevented whenever possible, or if it can’t be prevented, it is a rare, brief, and non-recurring experience.

Specifically, every community will have the capacity to:

  • Quickly identify and engage people at risk of and experiencing homelessness.
  • Intervene to prevent people from losing their housing and divert people from entering the homelessness services system.
  • Provide people with immediate access to shelter and crisis services without barriers to entry if homelessness does occur, and quickly connect them to housing assistance and services tailored to their unique needs and strengths to help them achieve and maintain stable housing.

For more information, visit: https://www.usich.gov/opening-doors

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