Community Partnerships / Initiatives

Housing for All

A multi-pronged, collective impact effort to focus attention and resources across the region on housing for individuals and families experiencing homelessness up through those needing low to middle-income housing. Housing for All works to analyze regional housing needs, promote best practices policies and program innovations to meet needs, and develop an integrated regional campaign to generate regional understanding of housing needs and support for housing innovations in Central Oregon.  Learn more about Housing for All (H4A) here.

Frequent Users / Housing First Project

A diverse group of stakeholders (the FUSE Workgroup) working together to develop a housing first project model using best practice solutions for people who are experiencing homelessness and who are “frequent users” of healthcare and other services.

To learn more about this project, contact the FUSE Director.

Central Oregon Health Council – Regional Health Improvement Plan, Workgroup: Social Determinants of Health / Housing

HLC participates in and collaborates with the COHC Housing Workgroup, around the multi-faceted intersection of healthcare and housing/homelessness —