Shepherd’s House: Shower Truck Coordinator


Under the supervision of the Director of Emergency Services (“DOES”), the Shower Truck Coordinator will take responsibility for day-to-day management of the Shower Truck’s service to its guests, as well as its overall operation, maintenance and scheduling. In doing so, the Shower Truck Coordinator will lead other staff and also volunteers who participate in providing the Shower Truck’s service. The Shower Truck Coordinator will proactively nurture, maintain and monitor the safe and healing environment of Shepherd’s House and all of its services, including the Shower Truck, as a place where the truth and grace of Jesus Christ flows freely and wherein the hearts and lives of people are transformed.


For additional information or to apply contact:

John Lodise
Director of Emergency Services
Shepherd’s House


We seek to protect lives threatened by harmful conditions of unsheltered life, including weather, exposure to dangerous human activity and lack of basic human needs such as hygiene. We also seek to provide dignity and encouragement through the provision of those basic human needs. We hope and seek to create relationships of healing and grace that inspire those unsheltered and in need to transform their lives, and thereby create a threshold to life-long and eternal habilitation. We seek to do this in Christlikeness with a broad range of partners from the City of Bend and the surrounding community (Christian and non-Christian). These partners include local churches, local government, public and private agencies, volunteers and other individual participants. We seek to build alliances with such partners in order to serve the unsheltered and needy of Bend and Central Oregon.


  1. Build trusting relationships with residents by living openly, honestly and authentically.
  2. In all relationships and activities demonstrate a willingness to avoid mask wearing, conformity, in-authenticity and judgment.
  3. Investing in, and empowering co-workers through trusting, loving relationships.
  4. Personally live out openly what it means to:
    1. Live fully in our identity as children of God
    2. Mature in Christlikeness by trusting God and others in all areas of life
    3. Live in relationships of protective love with residents and staff
    4. Actively embrace and engage in the self-evaluation process; honestly communicating personal weaknesses, fears, faults – evaluating on successes, opportunities, life changes and decisions.


Specifically, the Shower Truck Coordinator will:

  1. Take lead responsibility for and manage on a daily basis the operations and services of the Shower Truck, including but not limited to the following, specific tasks and areas.
  2. Schedule the weekly sites, days and times of Shower Truck service in Bend, Redmond and other sites, in collaboration with DOES and the Project Share Coordinator.
  3. Schedule and ensure adequate operations coverage by staff and/or volunteers, for all sessions of Shower Truck service. This includes scheduling of drivers and other personnel, arranging for adequate shower supplies, ensuring proper set-up and breakdown of the shower facilities, and safe return of the truck to its storage unit.
  4. Train, guide and lead staff and volunteers in conducting set-up, intake, shower service, cleaning, sanitizing, breakdown and all other duties related to Shower Truck service.
  5. Effectively communicate and collaborate with community partners at sites where shower truck services are offered.
  6. Take lead responsibility for and manage the inventory of Shower Truck supplies (including hygiene products, towels and washcloths, cleaning supplies and equipment, and protective gear). This applies to all inventory maintained at the storage unit, Bend Shelter and any other location for inventory.
  7. Take lead responsibility for scheduling and arranging of all actions necessary for safe and legal operation of the Shower Truck as vehicle, including registration, licensing and insurance of drivers, vehicular maintenance and repair, and payments of all necessary fees.
  8. Take lead responsibility for the maintenance and any necessary repairs of the shower facilities and equipment. This includes protection from frigid temperatures that could freeze and damage water conduits.
  9. Take lead responsibility for and manage adherence to COVID safety requirements and practices in relation to Shower Truck service.
  10. Take lead responsibility for maintenance, use and organization of the storage unit used to house the Shower Truck.

Take lead responsibility for providing all requested guest service data for the Shower Truck, in collaboration with DOES and the Project SHARE coordinator.

WORK HOURS/SCHEDULE: The Shower Truck Coordinator will be expected to work 20-25 hours per week, be flexible to accommodate service schedules, and be available on some weekend days.