Committees are standing groups of designated representatives that meet regularly to gather information, make recommendations to the CoC Board, and/or perform tasks on behalf of the CoC Board, all in the designated topic area of that committee. 

  • Committee members shall apply for service on a committee. Committee member terms last 2 years and have no limit on the number of terms. The terms shall be staggered so that only half of the committee seats are turned over annually. Committee members must be general members of the HLC or affirm their commitment to HLC’s mission and agreement with the Code of Conduct and associated policies in Section 9.
  • Committees hold regular meetings, the schedule of which is published on the HLC website. Meetings are open to the public and the committee may choose to take formal public comment or informally discuss matters with attendees. 
  • In making formal recommendations to the CoC Board or decisions upon their behalf, committees will vote and make a record of the vote, including a summary of the arguments for or against the matter. All of this information will be shared to the CoC Board and included in the CoC Board minutes.
  • Each committee shall have a chairperson, who is selected by the CoC Board. The chairperson is responsible for scheduling and facilitating committee meetings that occur at least quarterly and reporting findings and recommendations to the CoC Board.