Shepherd’s House: Food Service Director

The Mission of SHM

At Shepherd’s House Ministries we have and continue to create a safe and healing environment where the Grace & Truth of Jesus Christ flows freely; where the hearts of men can be freed and transformed from the inside out.

Title: Food Service Director
Status: Full Time, Salaried, Exempt


For additional information or to apply contact:

John Lodise
Director of Emergency Services
Shepherd’s House

Summary of Position

We take a team approach to the work we do here. Although each staff member has certain responsibilities that he/she oversees, we all serve together and support one another so the work is accomplished.

The Food Service Director will oversee all operations related to Food Service at all of our facilities (Bend and Redmond), serving meals and boxed food to 200-500 guests per day at various venues. This position includes supervision, coaching and support of on-site Food Managers, education of residents about healthy eating habits, assistance with planning weekly menus, ordering and disposing of weekly food (hot and to-go meals, community boxes, etc), acting as liaison to local retail donation partners, and event planning and execution.

The Food Service Director is a vital piece to what we do, not only because it feeds those in the program, provides food for our guests and others in the community, and nurtures community donation partnerships, but also because we recognize how much a healthy diet plays a crucial role in the recovery process. Helping those we serve understand and adopt healthy nutrition into their daily lives is an essential piece to physical and spiritual health, healing, and transformation.

Personal/Character Attributes

  • Build trusting relationships with residents by living openly, honestly and authentically.
  • In all relationships and activities demonstrate a willingness to avoid mask wearing, conformity, in-authenticity and judgment.
  • Investing in, and empowering co-workers through trusting, loving relationships.
  • Personally live out openly what it means to:
    • Live fully in our identity as children of God
    • Mature in Christlikeness by trusting God and others in all areas of life
    • Live in relationships of protective love with residents and staff
    • Actively embrace and engage in the self-evaluation process; honestly communicating personal weaknesses, fears, faults – evaluating on successes, opportunities, life changes and decisions.

Specific Tasks

  • Responsible for the overall vision and smooth, healthy operation of the various SHM kitchens: hiring and training of personnel, healthy meal planning, procurement of food, planning of events, relationships with local donation partners.
  • Provide specific training, weekly coaching/mentoring, and everyday support and direction for On-Site Kitchen Managers and/or Food Service staff at all SHM facilities.
  • Nurture partnerships with local food retailers who donate to us via consistent, professional communication and action. Prepare and coordinate food donor pick-up time schedule in conjunction with the On-Site Kitchen Managers.
  • Work with nutritionists to continuously improve the quality of meals. Ensure that three healthy meals a day are served at all of our sites.
  • Provide education and training for residents about healthy nutrition and how that impacts our ability to live whole, healed lives.
  • Plan, coordinate, and supervise special SHM events, including but not limited to procuring and implementing facilities and food.
  • Maintain accurate records for employee health forms, purchased and donated items, meal counts and other essential statistical information.
  • Provide training, scheduling, supervision all food service workers and volunteers.
  • Ensure that appropriate Food Handler certifications are obtained by necessary staff.
  • Ensure compliance with all federal, state, county and city health department codes and standards in regard to the food prep, service and storage areas.
  • Maintain records of inspections and reports all findings to the Director of Operations.
  • Provide food service training opportunities for program participants.
  • Provide coverage for On-Site Kitchen Managers during vacations/sick leave.
  • Attend Self-Evaluation, Staff Meetings and Peer Support Team meetings when called upon.
  • Lead and/or facilitate classes, groups, and Peer Support Team meetings as needed.
  • Work with clients in the development of micro businesses.
  • Community networking; Cold Weather Shelter, Culinary Institute, St. Charles Hospital, potential food donors with a specific focus on the Healthy Foods Initiative.