The City of Bend Council approved an administrative order (Covid-19 Emergency Declaration) on March 16, 2020 which states, “Pursuant to ORS 446.265, the City may establish on City property or allow a private or public entity to establish on private or public property, transitional housing, which may include yurts, huts, cabins, fabric structures, tents and similar accommodations. The transitional housing operation must be established pursuant to a pilot plan, to be approved by the Community Development Department, and reviewed by the Police and Fire departments, establishing the total number of units, location of units, spacing, and location for sanitation facilities including portable toilet(s) and portable hand-washing station(s). Authorized accommodations at this location may include recreational vehicles, cars, and tents. The City will work with non-profit or other entity for case management and/or supervision of the transitional housing; any private or public entity operation must likewise include a non-profit or other entity for case management and/or supervision of the transitional housing.” This order will remain in place through the City’s Covid Emergency Order and may be extended by City Council. Applicants should remain in contact with the City to understand when the order, and any approvals issued based on this application, expires.

Fortunately, this is not a new idea and we have many models to draw upon if your business wants to be part of the solution to safely and stably housing our community members.

The ask: Please consider opening your parking lot for 3+ households to park their cars or RVs as they work on their long-term goals for housing stability. The preferred timeframe is from now until the emergency declaration ends, with the possibility of extension assuming City approval.

Safe Haven Parking Project Program Details

  • An individual, couple, or family is identified through the homeless services coordinated entry process.
  • An intake is completed and appropriate/available temporary and transitional housing solutions are discussed.
  • If appropriate, the Safe Haven Parking case manager is notified with a name and number.
  • Potential guests are educated about the program, including rules and expectations.
  • Safe Haven Parking guests are met at the participating site’s parking lot to perform an in- person intake and provide a parking pass.
  • The Code of Conduct expectations are presented and signed. Guests must adhere to the Code of Conduct to continue to access Safe Haven Parking.
  • Supportive services are arranged for the duration of the stay.
  • The City of Bend is supportive of this program and will have a basic application for the site to complete prior to approval.
  • The City of Bend Community Outreach Officer (Bend Police Department) will be a point of contact if needed.

Benefits of Being a Safe Haven Parking Partner

  • Increased awareness regarding the crisis of housing and homelessness and an opportunity to contribute to the solution.
  • Build and strengthen community relations.
  • Greater safety and security around your property! Next StepsIf the idea of providing dignified, safe housing to some of our most vulnerable neighbors is something you’d like to explore further on behalf of your community, please contact REACH at gratitude,
    REACH, the Homeless Leadership Coalition, and the City of Bend